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self-esteem rests, first and foremost,
on having an objective, balanced perspective
on our strengths and weaknesses.
We all have plenty of both.

-Harriet Lerner

Our Mission

Here at In Perspective we recognize that life can present all kinds of barriers to healthy living. With understanding, change can begin.

Sometimes we need to assert ourselves with others and at other times we need to accept some part of ourselves or maybe we need to change an outlook.

Whatever you are facing, you deserve to face it, knowing that someone understands and is there for you. Together we can find a way. That's why we can say:

"Whenever you are ready…help is here!"

Our Philosophy

A noted Psychiatrist, Alfred Adler, believed it was necessary to understand the client's view of themselves, their view of others and their view of the world. That is reflected in our approach to treatment and shows up in our clients' response:

"Thank you for being present…To listen actively and well… To be engaged and thoughtful and attentive and never make me feel as though you had checked out. That's a big deal."

We use many well established treatment techniques and partner with our clients in selecting goals they chose and in the goals they are ready to work on.

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In Perspective is a Professional Limited Liability Company